Quick Hairstyles for Video Calls

You’re still in your pajamas, hair is a mess, and you get an email notification. Your boss wants to meet in fifteen minutes with the rest of the team, and you know they hate the messy bun look.

Getting dressed is easy enough. You have a few blouses and blazers at the front of your closet. But the hair…

Have no fear! As someone with frizzy, waist-length hair who’s had dozens of impromptu video calls, I know a thing or two about throwing your hair into a quick hairstyle so you don’t look like you just rolled out of bed.


Nothing beats the classic ponytail! A bit of hair gel, a plain elastic and a brush are all you need to fix up your hair. And if you have lots of small baby hairs like I do, a few snap clips or bobby pins will keep everything in place until the meeting is over. A nice layer of hairspray after your ponytail is up will be sure to keep the flyaways away!

Hair clip pinch

Longer hair is a must for this look, but whether you have curly, straight or wavy hair, pinning your hair back with a cute clip is more than enough to get your ready for a meeting. Just enough hair is pulled back that your hair isn’t completely loose, and by pinning some of it back, you’re going to hide some frizz and tame your hair a bit. Some gel will keep everything in place for the duration of your meeting.

French braid

A braid has never failed to tame a head of hair. My hair is extremely frizzy, and a French braid is my go-to for when I need it to behave for long periods of time. It’s also a great professional look and casual look; I’ve word a single braid to meetings and conferences, and twin braids to fairs and festivals.


You’re never too old for the girl-next-door look! A simple black headband with teeth on loose hair can easily help give you a cleaned-up look.

Gel headbands work extremely well, especially with fine and straight hair, and stiff headbands with teeth work well for curly and thicker hair. Once your headband is on, all you need is some hairspray, mousse or hair gel to help with flyaways and/or to tame your frizz.

Good luck and happy styling!







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