Why Everyone Needs to Be a Photographer

Unless you follow me on Instagram, GuruShots or Redbubble, you probably didn’t know that I’m a hobbyist photographer! I’ve been snapping pics since I was 13, and my photos have been featured in several exhibitions across the globe.

Most of my pictures focus on capturing the beauty in ordinary life. Frost on the grass, trees on the sidewalk, graffiti and abandoned train tracks are just some of the subjects of my photos. Many of my photos are taken in my home state, usually while I’m just out on a walk or a drive.

Now, why do I think everyone needs to be a photographer? Well, photography can play a big role in our careers and our personal lives, believe it or not. How? Let me explain!

1. You already take pics anyways… so why not get good at it?

Admit it: you’ve already taken some pics today. Whether it’s your daily selfie or a snap of your adorable pup, you’ve likely already used that camera app before you saw this post.

And that’s okay! Knowing how to capture a moment and turn it into a lifelong memory is a great skill to cultivate. Before smartphones, moments came and went, and unless you had a digital or disposable camera on-hand, you had only the memory of the event.

There’s nothing worse than recounting a story, and having no way to actually show the person what you saw. Honing your photo skills will allow you to make great scrapbooks and digital albums to share with generations to come.

2. Photography can be turned into a business

Whether it’s a side gig taking portraits, or a full-blown business, photography is a much-needed service. Weddings, sweet 16s, family reunions and business headshots are just some photography services you can offer to clients – and make a pretty penny doing it!

We live in a hustle-and-bustle culture. It’s very hard for people to sit down and take their own pictures. And when it comes to events where everyone is distracted, outsourcing photography services

3. It’s important for social media work

If you run a small business, are trying to become an influencer or do any sort of work that requires online visibility, then photography is hugely important to your work. Your company’s social media will need pictures to capture people’s eyes.

Whether it’s a photo-centric app like Instagram or a primarily text-based platform like LinkedIn, you need eye-catching photos to complement the content your business is putting out. Plain text with no images is a great way to get lost in the masses!

4. You can make it a cool hobby

Ever wanted you pictures in a magazine, or a group exhibition? With apps like GuruShots and Agora Images, any photographer with enough talent can have their photos seen by thousands of people from across the world. I myself have had my work features in Athens, Melbourne and Venice, to name a few.

It’s a joy to share my work with with the world. It’s purely a passion project, and I’m always looking for opportunities to hone my craft. I encourage everyone else do it, too! It’s a useful skill that can be very lucrative.



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