4 Must-Have Accessories for Your Home Office

When you started working from home, chances are you just set up shop wherever and got to work. Now that you’ve been working from home for a while, you’re probably still struggling to accept this as the new normal. If that’s the case, one surefire way to get more comfortable with your work sitch is to make your home office feel more like, well, an office! Here are a few must-have accessories to get you started.

A Laptop Stand

A laptop stand is an absolute necessity for remote work! Despite the name, keeping your laptop in your lap all day is guaranteed to give you a sore neck. And putting a pillow on your lap might help for a while, but not for eight-hour days, five days a week.

Laptop stands, whether ordered online or made from stacks of books, will keep your computer at eye level and save you the discomfort of having a stiff neck for 1/3 of the day.

Back Pillows

You likely don’t have a fancy, fully-furnished home office; you’re just making do with what you have. And I’m willing to bet that your back is already bothering you from your awkward sitting positions and makeshift desks.

That’s where back pillows come in. They can be throw pillows from your living room, pillows from your bed or even a rolled-up blanket. They might not replace your ergonomically-designed desk chair from your office, but it’ll give you a bit of support and help with the slouch you’ve likely developed.

A wireless Mouse, Keyboard and Mousepad

These accessories just help with productivity. You’ll get more done faster if you use a mouse instead of a touchpad, and a wireless keyboard will definitely be easier on your wrists if you have your laptop on a stand. And if you’re working on a plastic-covered dining room table or gritty kitchen counter, chances are your mouse isn’t gliding that smoothly – that’s were the mousepad comes in.

Not only will these accessories make you 100x more productive and comfortable, but they’ll help you begin to truly see your makeshift desk as a real home office instead of a temporary workspace. That shift in mindset is crucial to keeping the remote work stir craziness at bay.

A Small Plant

No, I’m not joking. A small plant – whether it’s a succulent, a cactus or one of those tillandsia air plants – will make your home office feel more like a real office. And the pop of color will help, too!

Of course, it doesn’t have to be a plant. You could have a pencil mug your kids painted, a photo of your parents, or you could even go the Michael Scott route and have toys! The point is that your workspace has some decorations to give it life and personality.

Good luck, and stay healthy!

Published by Briana Hernandez

Hi! I'm a freelance marketer, VA and social media strategist. I also like to write fiction in the off-chance I'm not working or gaming.

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