To Dress or Not to Dress: Should You Dress Up for Remote Work?

The crowds are divided when it comes to dressing up for remote work. Some enjoy the sense of normalcy that putting on a full outfit and doing their hair gives them, while some are loving the idea of earning money in their pjs. Others still enjoy being comfortable, but still have to worry about video conferences and being seen by their colleagues.

Dressing for working remotely really boils down to personal preference. For some, changing into work clothes gets them into a working mindset, and helps them focus on their duties. They also know they’ll be prepared for any meetings or impromptu video calls. That mental shift is necessary for some to get motivated to work, and allows them to stay focused throughout the day.

On the other hand, some people enjoy working in their comfies. Having a break from wearing ties and makeup and heels is welcome for many, and the adjustment to working in non-work clothes is easy and welcomed. Being dressed like this also makes it easy to switch from working to homeschooling or housework. Once the day is done, you can move right on to the next task without having to stop and change. Your laundry load is also lessened.

If neither option seems right for you, some people also opt for “hybrid” looks: where they’re dressed and presentable from the waist up, but opt for yoga pants or pajamas and socks for the bottom half. This look is perfect for people who have video calls to do, or have a few interviews planned, but still want to stay comfortable.

So do what works for you! The key is to remember that it’s not just about the clothes; it’s about your state of mind as well. If you need to look the part to help you get the job done, make time to get dressed! If being in comfy clothes helps you be even more productive, then throw your hair up into a messy bun and open your laptop. Just remember to mute the TV before answering the phone. 😉







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