Best Video Games to Unwind With

You worked hard all day. Maybe you even worked an extra half hour because hey, no more commuting! Then you checked the kids’ homework, set them up with fun crafts for the afternoon, then made dinner. Now the kids are in bed. Your partner is unwinding with a beer and on their phone. How doContinue reading “Best Video Games to Unwind With”

Best Background Music for Working From Home

Put away that BeyoncĂ© playlist! You might have the greatest mix on the planet, but that might be working to your disadvantage. Working from home comes with perks, but it also comes with more distractions. You now have your TV, your partner/kids/pets, video games, books and your bed! Staying focused is probably a bigger challengeContinue reading “Best Background Music for Working From Home”

To Dress or Not to Dress: Should You Dress Up for Remote Work?

The crowds are divided when it comes to dressing up for remote work. Some enjoy the sense of normalcy that putting on a full outfit and doing their hair gives them, while some are loving the idea of earning money in their pjs. Others still enjoy being comfortable, but still have to worry about videoContinue reading “To Dress or Not to Dress: Should You Dress Up for Remote Work?”